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How are the UK nations returning to school?

England: Elementary school students taking exams return at the beginning of the semester while others study Homework Help in UK ( . Personal reading is expected to resume on January 11th. Elementary schools are returning as usual

Scotland: Schools start their semester online January 11-18.

Wales: The semester starts with online study, but most students are expected to resume full-time study on January 11th. Full return to class is expected to end on January 18th.

Northern Ireland: All schools will be open to full-time education at the beginning of the semester. From January 25, 8 to 10 years of age will switch to distance learning for at least two weeks.

Schools across the UK are always open to vulnerable children. England, Wales and Scotland also aim to raise the children of key staff.

Presentation of the gray line

The union has asked Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to allow high-profile schools to teach online alongside high-risk students and key employees' children.

Mark Tilling, a lecturer at Hartlepool's High Tunstall Science College, told BBC Radio 4 World in One that he will need to train 21 employees to conduct mass tests that will last at least a week from the start of the semester.

He said, “What matters to me is whether it is safe to open it if we are not doing mass testing? Otherwise the government will have to make a decision that we cannot open up. "

The National Education Union also sent a letter to Mr Williamson and the Prime Minister urging schools and colleges to provide online classes for at least the first two weeks of January.

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