The Diabetes Diet

 Diet and nutrition are subjects fraught with inconsistencies, bad science, vested interests and poor research.

People with diabetes are charged with managing their own blood sugars and insulin levels.

It may seem like a mammoth task, but the reality is we just need to take things back to basics.

Below you will find an example of a weekly meal diary.

This is exactly what Believe the hypo creator Nathan, ate.  

Please open in desktop to see clear picture below

Further points to consider:

  1. Nathan eats a very low carbohydrate diet, often going a few days or a week with no carbohydrates.

  2. Nathan does not eat when he wakes up as this is when he is the most insulin resistant. 

  3. Nathan exercises every day (walk, run, resistance training) to make him more insulin sensitive and build and maintain muscle mass. 

  4. Protein should be between 1 and 1.5 grams per kg of your body weight, and should come from good quality animal sources.

  5. Restricting eating to a 6-hour window per day keeps insulin levels down.

  6. Bone broth is a very easy and beneficial way of getting collagen, nutrients, vitamins and minerals into your diet.

  7. Organ meats are extremely healthy and should be consumed weekly.

Scroll through pictures of meals throughout the week

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